Concrete blocks donation benefits emergency management association in fight against COVID-19.

With the recent health crisis surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), semi permanent tents have become necessary additions to hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are looking to provide health screening tests for COVID-19. Tents located in parking lots of healthcare facilities allow patients to be properly tested without needing to admit them inside the hospital, where they can put hospital personnel and patients at risk of catching coronavirus. Semi permanent tents can also be used as overflow areas for treating patients with COVID-19.

In an effort to do their part Benevento Companies donated 120,000 lbs of concrete in the form of large concrete blocks to the fight against the Coronavirus. These 3,000 lbs blocks will be used as tent ballasts and anchors for the temporary emergency medical tents being constructed.

20 blocks were delivered to Rhode Island Emergency Management Association (EMA)
10 blocks went to Rhode Island College in Providence RI
10 blocks were donated to University of Rhode Island in Kingston RI.

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